About French&You Formation

French & You Formation


French&You Formation

French&You Formation is dedicated to non French-speaking Bordelaises&Bordelais who want to find their way around.
Your priorities, Our goals :

  • to enhance your communicational skills and intercultural awareness
  • help you achieve your potential as a francophone and a lover of French.


Delphine GOMES

With 10 years’ experience in teaching French to Adults, Delphine GOMES is ready to offer you a unique experience thanks to her teaching assets.
Start afresh with a new way of life and find your way through a language and culture that can sometimes baffle you.

Our entrepreneurial adventure comes from a strong commitment to teach French as a Foreign language and a strong desire to evolve in the profession.

French&You Formation and Delphine GOMES are likely to work closely with  partners from all paths according to your project.