French Happy Hour

Your French conversation classes in Bordeaux


You want to boost your level in French in a relaxed atmosphere?
You want to improve your fluency and/or your accuracy ?
You want to discover French culture and Bordelaise life ?

Take the time to enjoy a little practice of French!

All in one: conviviality and motivation!

Participants : One to One or Come along, bring a friend !
Duration of one session: 45mn OR 1h30
Levels : all levels


French Conversation Classes for Fluency
While speaking,I will not interrupt the flow of our conversation, but I will ask you to rephrase more clearly your ideas.
Once we have finished speaking,we will talk about the part(s) where there were discrepancies, and this time I will highlight the errors and correct them with you.
You will then apply the corrections to similar contexts and examples.
Our Conversation classes for Fluency are recommended for French learners of all abilities.

French Conversation Classes for Accuracy
While we are exchanging ideas, I will interrupt you  and highlight any necessary adjustments (vocabulary, structure of the language).
I will ask you to apply the corrections in similar contexts.
This method can be extremely beneficial and can lead to rapid improvement.
Our French Conversation Classes for Accuracy are generally recommended for French learners of higher abilities or those who are comfortable with speaking.

Where :

+ONE TO ONE  Discover a new place for each meeting !

+By WebEx (similar to Skype but with more possibilities!)


Prices :

10 session card  1H30     336€

10 session card  1H30    300€  INTEAD OF 336€

10 session card (45mn) 156€
20 session card (45 mn) 264€

Card validity :3 months
Availibility : contact me

Available for the general public in the non French-speaking community in Bordeaux and its region.
For individuals

Feel free to contact me for more information!