What makes French&You Formation so special

Learn French with me!
Let yourself be surprised by its secrets !
Les clés du Français

  • At first sight surrealistic and original, you will get through different ideas and concepts of life
  • Make your own experience of the language and the people
  • Stop feeling out of phase with the reality around you (whether in a French speaking environnement at work or during a touristic stay).
  • Take part in this French life around you !

Here’s the key to French treasures !

Distance learning course available

The Distance Learning programme is available

Check the new offer French Happy Hour/conversation classes

  • we adapt the courses to your schedule
  • we tailor the programmes to your level and needs
  • desktopwe facilitate your autonomy

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French&You Formation and its approach

Depending on the programmes, French&You Formation offers :

  • Small groups to enhance communication
  • Individualized sessions (one to one or in pairs)

Tailor-made programmes are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
It is a guideline for skill-based courses.

  • READécouter, parler, écrire, lire

Courses are concise, dynamic, practical and skill-based.

You work on authentic documents coming from all ranges of French cultural and professional domains. We may ask you to bring your own professional material.
Handbooks may be be used during the training.
You are likely to meet professionals of your own domain whenever it is possible.

Your follow-up of your learning experience and skills

As part of French&You Formation tailor-made service, you can ask for optional follow up on your learning experience. In this service, French&You Formation:

  • Highlights your strengths
  • Identifies your weak points
  • Sets up an action plan
  • Reinforces the skills through an additional course